***Regarding Water Shortage Update ***

28th March 2019

***Regarding Water Shortage Update ***

Dear Residents,

As the owners of the private water tanker Lorries in the districts of Chennai and Kanchipuram have difficulty in getting water, the prospects of the grave risk of acute water shortage have arisen.

The High Court has imposed severe regulations to utilize the groundwater resources. As groundwater resources have categorized under the mineral resources, there are difficulties for the Lorries to get the groundwater. Operators are facing resistance from residents of villages while extracting water. Hence most of the operators have not committed to provide water supply. Water Scarcity is likely to loom much forcing us to depend only on our inside bore wells.

So from tomorrow we will be using the water resources which are available only in the Hansa Garden which is very low.

From Friday 29th of March 2019 we can assure water will start from 6:00 A.M but don’t know when it will stop.

Request your cooperation and pray that nature save us from this summer.