For the information of the resident’s of Hansa Garden

The resignation submitted by the office bearers has been already accepted by the Executive committee and based on the recommendation of the Executive committee Emergency General body has been called to discuss on future course of action.

 The following members have been nominated as office bearers for the period 2019-2020 at the meeting held on 22nd September 2019. The new office bearers will assume office from the 22nd September 2019.


Mr. N.AkilaKumar (Flat no. RS6).

Vice- President 

Mr. T.V.Krishnamurthy (Flat no. OF5)


  Mr. P. Vebhin Chandar (Flat no. FT3)

Joint Secretary  

Mr. T.Thirupathi Venkatesan (Flat no. RG1)


  Mrs. S.Priya Jayaraman (Flat no. QT5)

Asst. Treasurer    

Mr. T.Gnanasigamani (Flat no. RF6)

S/d- Mr.T.V.Krishnamurthy

                                                                                                       Chairman of the meeting

                                                                                              held on 22nd September 2019